Anweshippin Kandethum Review: A Gripping Start Hampered by a Loose Script

Anweshippin Kandethum

Malayalam cinema delves into investigative thrills once again with “Anweshippin Kandethum,” starring the ever-charming Tovino Thomas. Marking the directorial debut of Darwin Kuriakose and penned by seasoned thriller writer Jinu Abraham, the film initially promises an engaging journey but stumbles on a disjointed narrative.

Set in rural Kottayam in 1993, the story follows Sub-Inspector Anand Narayanan (Tovino Thomas), who throws himself into investigating the disappearance of a Christian girl. Facing resistance from superiors due to a priest being a suspect, Anand perseveres, uncovering new leads and facing suspension for a critical error. Later, he and his team take on a cold case – a young girl’s murder. Can they finally find redemption and unveil the truth?

Kuriakose’s direction shines, presenting a visually captivating experience with Gautham Shankar’s stunning cinematography and Santhosh Narayanan’s enthralling music. The art department deserves an immense shoutout for creating an authentic portrayal of the early 90s, setting the film apart from recent period pieces.

However, the film becomes a tale of two halves. The initial setup and intriguing premise captivate us, but Abraham’s script struggles to maintain momentum. As the plot unfurls, the once-promising story loses its grip, suffering from a sluggish pace and lack of sustained suspense. While moments of intrigue exist, the script’s inability to offer a cohesive narrative dampens the impact.

Despite the script’s shortcomings, Tovino Thomas delivers a commanding performance as Anand Narayanan. He infuses the character with depth and nuance, perfectly capturing his complexities with subtle gestures and expressions. Supporting actors like Vineeth Thattil and Pramod Velayudhan also leave their mark, adding sincerity and humor to the narrative.

Ultimately, “Anweshippin Kandethum” offers a decent crime drama with a focus on realism over action. If you enjoy detailed investigations and appreciate meticulous attention to detail, this film might be worth a watch. However, for those expecting a nail-biting thriller, the disjointed narrative might leave you wanting more. The brilliant technical aspects and immersive visuals make it a decent theatrical experience, but the film doesn’t fully captivate due to its script’s weaknesses.