Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life Review: A Brutal Journey of Endurance


Bramayugam Movie review

Bramayugam Movie Review

Prepare to be Scared Witless and Powerful Politics

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Premalu Movie Review

Naslen and Mamitha Stand Out in this Inconsistent Romantic Comedy.

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Manjummel Boys Review

Setting a New Benchmark in Survival Thrillers


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Fairytale About India’s Naxals


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manjummel boys director


Chidambaram S. Poduval

Meet the Cast and Crew: The Story Behind MANJUMMEL BOYS

John Cena

Oscars 2024

John Cena

John Cena in Surprise Appearance at Oscars! Presents Best Costume Design with a Twist


Oscars 2024

 The Oscars Take a Stand for Peace: Celebrities Support Artists4Ceasefire and Gaza.

Oscars 2024


Oscars 2024

Oscars 2024: Big Win for ‘Oppenheimer,’ Plus John Cena’s Envelope Award Presentation

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