Kaathal – The Core: A Compelling Tale of Political Turmoil and Personal Struggles

Kaathal - The Core review

Director: Jeo Baby

Writers: Paulson Skaria, Adarsh Sukumaran Cast: Mammootty, Jyotika, Anagha Akku Available in: Theatres

Duration: 114 minutes

Critic’s Rating: 4.0/5

In “Kaathal – The Core,” Mathew Devassy faces the dual challenge of contesting elections and managing a family crisis. Mammootty and Jeo Baby collaborate to present a bold and beautifully crafted story on the big screen. Writers Paulson Skaria and Adarsh Sukumaran deserve praise for the gently unfolding narrative, while the director’s vision adds a wow factor to crucial moments.

The film delves into the life of Mathew Devassy, an independent candidate facing a local byelection crisis. When his wife of 20 years, Omana, unexpectedly files for divorce, the story unfolds, exploring the reasons behind her decision and its implications for all involved.

The narrative fearlessly addresses the main issue without hiding behind innuendo, shedding light on the intricacies of relationships and societal norms. “Kaathal – The Core” skillfully examines the functioning of courts and laws, showcasing a society ready for change and the liberating power of truth.

The film maintains a low-key tone, heightening tension in a positive way. Jeo Baby’s adept use of sound, as seen in “The Great Indian Kitchen,” is evident in a climactic scene where the emotional impact is intensified through well-timed background music by composer Mathews Pulickan.

Cinematographer Salu K Thomas and editor Francies Louis contribute to the film’s gentle mood, creating a cohesive cinematic experience. Mammootty’s performance as Mathew Devassy stands out, showcasing the actor’s ability to portray a character imbued with fear, falsehoods, and pathos. Jyothika impresses as a silent yet resilient wife, adding depth to the compelling chemistry between the lead characters. The supporting cast also delivers exceptional performances.

“Kaathal – The Core” is not just a movie; it’s a thought-provoking piece that has the potential to inspire societal contemplation and change. Explore this compelling tale that skillfully combines political turmoil with personal struggles, making it a must-watch for audiences seeking a cinematic experience that transcends traditional boundaries.