Neru Movie Review: Is It a Must-See?

Neru movie review

In the realm of courtroom dramas, Jeethu Joseph’s “Neru” stands out, navigating the intricate facets of the Indian judicial system.

Jeethu Joseph’s “Neru” delves into the intricate realm of the Indian judicial system, presenting a nuanced perspective on justice and consent in a thought-provoking courtroom drama. The film’s strength lies in its focus on the subtleties of seeking justice rather than sensationalizing the crime.

The narrative revolves around Sara, a visually-impaired sculptor, who becomes a powerful symbol of resilience. Anaswara Rajan’s portrayal of Sara is a revelation, capturing the survivor’s anger and courage as she navigates a legal system prone to gaslighting and misunderstanding. “Neru” adeptly explores the varied reactions of survivors, emphasizing the flaws of an adversarial legal system.

Unlike conventional courtroom dramas, “Neru” presents Sara as an intelligent survivor, celebrating her courage without patronizing or oversimplifying her complexity. Mohanlal’s character, Vijayamohan, provides crucial support, allowing Anaswara’s character to shine as a study of a survivor fighting for consent while embracing vulnerability. The film refrains from sensationalism, instead focusing on empowering women to tell their stories.

While challenging traditional tropes, “Neru” retains elements of courtroom drama traditions, featuring occasional clownish public prosecutors and advocates. Mohanlal’s performance, however, brings a coolness that transcends occasionally stilted dialogues. The film introduces a refreshing perspective, blending tradition with innovation, akin to new wine in a familiar bottle.

In its exploration of consent and justice, “Neru” successfully delivers a balanced narrative. Jeethu Joseph’s direction skillfully navigates the complexities of the legal system, and Mohanlal’s performance adds depth to the film. Despite some cinematic hiccups, “Neru” stands as a must-see for those seeking a compelling and empowering courtroom drama that challenges conventions while honoring tradition.