Lover Review: Manikandan Shines as Troubled Lead

Lover Review

Lover Review:
Arun and Divya, a college couple, face challenges as their paths diverge.
Divya thrives in her IT career, while Arun struggles with alcoholism and stalled dreams of opening a cafe. His insecurities and possessiveness strain their relationship, pushing Divya to her limit.

This film tackles a rarely explored theme: the suffocating nature of controlling love. Director Vyas masterfully portrays the impact on both partners, using strong performances by Manikandan (Arun) and Sri Gouri Priya (Divya). Supporting actors like Kanna Ravi and Geetha Kailasam deliver equally impactful performances.

Music and visuals enhance the storytelling. Sean Roldan’s music amplifies emotions, while Shreyaas Krishna’s visuals complement the narrative.

While not a light comedy, “Lover” captivates you with its thought-provoking exploration of love and its complexities.

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