Tillu Square Review: Siddu Strikes Gold Again

Tillu Square

Siddhu Jonnalagadda and director Mallik Ram outdo themselves with Tillu Square, a sequel that takes their original creation, DJ Tillu, to new heights. Siddhu dives deeper into his character, embodying the essence of why it has become a cult favorite in pop culture. Anupama Parameswaran shines as Lilly, bringing a dazzling performance to the screen, both stunning and pivotal to the sequel’s success.

The film kicks off with a quick recap of the first part, setting the stage for an enjoyable ride. The story immediately resonates with the Tillu phenomenon, positioning Tillu as a potential timeless icon in Telugu cinema. Mallik and Siddhu have achieved a vision where the script, especially Tillu’s clever one-liners, takes center stage. The humor is consistently delightful, and with a concise runtime, the film keeps viewers engaged throughout.

Anupama adds a sensuous allure, infusing the film with a breath of fresh air. Neha Shetty, in a cameo appearance, reignites the nostalgia associated with Radhika. Supporting actors Prince, Muralidhar Goud, and Murali Sharma deliver commendable performances, adding depth to the ensemble.

The music complements the narrative, maintaining a lively energy. The collective efforts of Ram Miryala, Achu Rajamani, and Bheems Ceciroleo in music and score, combined with Sai Prakash Ummadisingu’s cinematography and Navin Nooli’s editing, create an engaging cinematic experience that stays true to the original’s essence and style.

Though the film heavily references its predecessor and includes a few bold scenes that might not suit everyone’s taste, these are minor concerns.

In summary, Tillu Square is a captivating entertainer that guarantees smiles and leaves the audience feeling uplifted and satisfied. Kudos to Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Mallik Ram for reigniting the magic. It’s a must-watch for anyone in search of two hours of fun-filled entertainment.