Guntur Kaaram Review: Mahesh Babu emerges as the captivating savior in a film that struggles to offer anything innovative.

guntur kaaram review

Trivikram Srinivas’ Guntur Kaaram proves Mahesh Babu’s ability to hold our attention for 159 minutes, despite the film’s lackluster content. In top-notch form, Babu stands out as the sole redeeming factor in the unnecessarily prolonged narrative of Guntur Kaaram, preventing it from becoming a tiresome viewing experience.

The much-anticipated film of the Sankranti/Pongal season, Guntur Kaaram, primarily revolves around celebrating Tollywood’s superstar, Mahesh Babu. Trivikram ensures Babu remains at the forefront, leaving no room for the audience to miss his presence.

The story unfolds with a flashback, revealing a dark chapter from Ramana’s (Mahesh Babu) childhood, marked by the imprisonment of his father and abandonment by his mother. As the narrative progresses, it becomes evident that Mahesh Babu is the only spice in an otherwise bland and cliched Guntur Kaaram.

Trivikram’s attempt to create moments for Mahesh Babu’s fans falls short, as the film lacks the expected cinematic high. Babu’s commanding presence and signature style elevate the scenes, compensating for the film’s shortcomings.

Despite some nuances in Ramana’s character, Guntur Kaaram fails to develop its characters fully. The film resorts to familiar tropes seen in mass action films, and the supporting cast lacks depth and substance.

The female lead, Amutya (Sreeleela), is poorly developed and reduced to a mere object of affection for the hero. The on-screen chemistry between Babu and Sreeleela feels forced, and the dialogues come across as artificial.

While the film’s title suggests a vibrant visual palette, the attempts to infuse red and brown tones into every frame result in a monotonous look, disrupting the viewing experience. The cinematography and editing fall short of expectations, and the background score, although powerful, seems disconnected from the narrative.

In summary, Guntur Kaaram heavily relies on Mahesh Babu’s presence to salvage a lackluster storyline, making it a film that struggles to leave a lasting impact.