Bootcut Balaraju Review – A Letdown in the Entertainment Department

Bootcut Balaraju Review


Bootcut Balaraju, a seemingly aimless guy in his village, is admired by everyone. Patelamma, a respected figure in the village, takes care of everyone’s well-being. Mahalaxmi, Patelamma’s daughter and Balaraju’s childhood friend, confesses her feelings for him. Siri, another character, also expresses her affection for Balaraju. While Balaraju chooses Mahalaxmi, he soon finds himself confronting a significant challenge. The film unfolds the story of what happens next and the obstacles Balaraju must overcome.

Positive Aspects:

Sohel steals the show in the film with his adorable performance. He excels in both comedy and emotional scenes, carrying the movie effortlessly. Meghalekha delivers a neat performance, looking gorgeous, and shines in the love portions. Siri Hanmanth, the other female lead, also plays her role well.

The portrayal of Sohel’s struggle for his ladylove is well-presented, and supporting actors like Sunil, Indraja, and Jabardasth Rohini captivate with their performances. Avinash and Saddam also do justice to their respective roles.

Negative Aspects:

While the director’s choice of story is good, the screenplay lacks engagement. The narrative moves at a slow pace, especially in the second half, testing patience. The lead pair’s portions are regular, and the hero’s characterization lacks strength. Overdramatic sequences and repetitive scenes contribute to the film’s drawbacks. The climax is not well-designed.

Technical Aspects:

Koneti Sree’s writing falls short, as the screenplay has little impact. The songs and background score by Bheems Ceciroleo are just okay. Editing could have been improved by trimming unnecessary scenes. Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is fair, and the production values are solid.


In conclusion, Bootcut Balaraju, despite the commendable performances of the lead pair and some comedic moments, fails to impress overall. The unimpressive and slow narration, along with boring sequences, makes it a disappointing watch.