Ayalaan Movie Review: A Fun Sci-Fi Masala with Earthly Spice

Ayalaan Movie Review

Remember “Indru Netru Naalai”? Ravikumar’s time-travel twist had a distinctly Tamil touch. He brings that same magic to Ayalaan, blending sci-fi thrills with classic masala film ingredients.

Expect all the Tamil cinema faves: a vibrant hero intro song, sizzling romance, sidekick comedians, a villainous (and Northern!) CEO (Sharad Kelkar), heartwarming motherly moments, and even a dash of organic farming advocacy. Okay, that last one might sound dated from the film’s 2015-20 production period, but surprisingly, it meshes well with the core ecological message.

But Ayalaan’s true hook lies in its clever twists on familiar sci-fi tropes: superpowers, UFOs, aliens, robots, femme fatales, and mass destruction. In the first half, the adorable alien “Tattoo” steals the show, sparking wonder and laughter with its cartoonish charm. Seamless visual effects complement the imaginative writing, seamlessly weaving plot threads from the first half into exciting second-act surprises.

However, Ayalaan isn’t perfect. Scene transitions can be janky, the villain lacks bite, and certain moments (like the generic highway chase and climax) could use more punch. But just when things falter, the film throws in a thrilling twist, making you forget the niggling flaws and focus on the fun ride.

Verdict: Ayalaan is a lively sci-fi masala perfect for a family outing. It may not be groundbreaking, but its playful plot, endearing characters, and imaginative twists offer a thoroughly enjoyable escape with a unique Tamil flavor.