Abraham Ozler Review: Thrilling Murders, Twists, and Jayaram’s Reinvention

Abraham Ozler movie review

Director: Midhun Manuel Thomas

Writer: Randheer Krishnan

Cast: Jayaram, Jagadish, Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Senthil Krishna, Dileesh Pothan, Arya Salim

Available in: Theatres

Duration: 144 minutes

Abraham Ozler’s movie is one of the highly anticipated films in this Pongal race. Does it satisfy the audience?

Midhun Manuel Thomas’s Abraham Ozler starts captivating, delving into clever murders and medical intrigue. The script by Randheer Krishnan, a medical professional, offers fresh territory, exploring a medical college and complex procedures. But detail sometimes comes at a cost, with some technical explanations dragging the pace.

Jayaram shines with a restrained, career-defining performance as the troubled police officer Ozler. However, Ozler’s character development falters, remaining enigmatic despite initial hints at mental health struggles. His hallucinations feel ornamental, failing to truly impact the case.

The film stumbles further with a highly anticipated cameo. Its arrival and subsequent 40-minute flashback disrupt the suspense built around the murders. While the motive eventually clarifies, the cameo lingers in the audience’s mind, hindering their emotional connection to the narrative.

Despite these flaws, Midhun’s filmmaking talent shines through. He delivers inventive twists and engaging individual scenes, even if the overall story loses focus. It’s like watching a film with “acute refractive myopia,” excelling in close-ups but neglecting the big picture.

Verdict: Abraham Ozler is a mixed bag. Jayaram’s brilliance and clever elements keep it watchable, but narrative issues ultimately blur the bigger picture. It’s worth watching for glimpses of Midhun’s potential and Jayaram’s reinvention, but don’t expect a fully satisfying thriller.