Weekend Vibes:​ What to watch on theatre this weekend

what to watch on Weekend

Stay updated on the newest releases. Take a peek at What to watch on theatre this weekend across various languages. (Feb 21 to 25)

Family (Malayalam) – Date: 22 Feb

When a revered mentor reveals his dark side to an unsuspecting village, the clash of family, traditions, and abuse ensnares the community in a confusing mirage of normality.

Ground (Telugu) – Date: 23 Feb

A group of friends heads to the nearby playground for a game of cricket on a usual Sunday. Little do they know, this ordinary day holds unexpected surprises for them.

Nasoor (Gujarati) – Date: 23 Feb

At the height of his success, Harshvardhan struggles to discover a reason to keep living. Driven by desperation, he searches for purpose, unaware of what he might be forsaking along the way.

Masthu Shades Unnay Ra (Telugu) – Date: 23 Feb

Manu, an artist, embarks on a quest to reclaim attention after advanced printing technology steals his spotlight. Experimenting with modern techniques for efficiency, will he succeed?

Je Paisa Bolda Hunda (Punjabi) – Date: 23 Feb

The movie follows Ghinda and Rani, who come into possession of a large sum of money and face challenges as they strive to return it to its rightful owner, driven by their sense of honesty.

Vyooham (Telugu) – Date: 23 Feb

The narrative delves into the unexpected events surrounding the death of YSR and the subsequent schemes concocted by different parties involved.

Kappu Bilupina Naduve (Kannada) – Date: 22 Feb, 2024

Inspired by true incidents, a particular road in Devagiri is considered haunted. Simultaneously, a group of YouTubers, famous for their ghost-hunting videos are looking for their next adventure. Will the YouTubers succeed in their endeavor or are their lives in danger?

Manjummel Boys (Malayalam) – Date: 22 Feb, 2024

A group of friends embarks on a daring rescue mission to save their friend from Guna Caves, a treacherously deep pit from which no one has ever returned. What to watch on theatre this weekend recommendations.