Most popular Indian web series of the Year

most popular indian web series of the year

1. Farzi: Counterfeit Kings – Where Art Meets Crime

Genre: Crime Thriller

Why it’s special: Dive into the murky underbelly of the art world with Farzi, where a talented artist named Sunny stumbles upon a revolutionary counterfeiting technique. As he gets drawn into a high-stakes game of forgery and deception, Sunny must face a ruthless kingpin and the ethical tightrope of his artistic genius. Farzi is a visually stunning and adrenaline-pumping ride that blurs the lines between creativity and criminality.

2. Dhootha: Shadows of the Supernatural – When Faith Faces Fear

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Why it’s special: Prepare to be spooked by Dhootha, a chilling series that explores the unsettling intersection of faith and fear. A family’s idyllic life in a remote village is shattered by a string of inexplicable occurrences, forcing them to confront their deepest beliefs and unearth the secrets buried within their ancestral home. Dhootha is a masterclass in atmosphere and suspense, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

3. The Railway Men 2023: A forgotten chapter rewritten in bravery

Genre: Historical drama
Why it’s special: Embark on a poignant journey of resilience and reconciliation with “The Railway Men 2023”. Based on true stories, the series follows a group of railway workers in Bhopal, India, haunted by their experiences during the 1984 gas leak. As they seek solace and justice, they must confront the ghosts of their past and forge a path towards healing and hope. “The Railway Men 2023” is a beautifully told and deeply moving exploration of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable tragedy

4. Kaala Paani: Crossing the Sea of Darkness – An Epic Story of Survival

Genre: Historical Drama

Why it’s special: Witness the struggle for freedom and identity in Kaala Paani, a historical epic set against the backdrop of the infamous Cellular Jail in Andaman. The series follows the lives of Indian convicts transported to this remote island prison, showcasing their resilience, camaraderie, and yearning for redemption. Kaala Paani is a sweeping and emotionally charged saga that sheds light on a forgotten chapter of Indian history.

5. Koose Munisamy Veerappan: Bandit King Takes Center Stage

Genre: Biographical Crime Drama

Why it’s special: Get an inside look into the life and legend of Koose Munisamy Veerappan, the notorious sandalwood smuggler who terrorized South India for decades. This series delves into the motivations and complexities of the elusive “Veerappan”, exploring his Robin Hood-esque image amidst the trail of violence and destruction he left behind. Koose Munisamy Veerappan is a gripping and thought-provoking portrayal of a controversial figure that leaves the audience questioning the lines between outlaw and folk hero.