Lal Salaam Review: Rajinikanth Fails to Rescue a Dull, Simplistic, and Melodramatic Film

lal salaam movie review

In “Lal Salaam,” Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth adeptly showcases her ability to create tender moments on screen, reminiscent of her debut film “3.” However, these delicate scenes often take a backseat to the film’s larger thematic concerns, echoing a similar pattern seen in her previous work. One particularly memorable moment involves Rajinikanth’s character, Moideen Bhai, engaging in a heartfelt play-acting session with his son, effectively capturing the essence of familial bonds.

Regrettably, Aishwaryaa’s emphasis on the film’s central conflict frequently sidelines these poignant moments, leading to extended scenes that test the audience’s patience. A notable example is a prolonged dinner table conversation, which, while imbued with a sense of warmth, overstays its welcome, contributing little to the overall narrative progression. This excessive runtime becomes a hindrance, as these prolonged sequences fail to significantly advance the plot, resulting in a sense of stagnation.

While “Lal Salaam” admirably tackles themes of religious discord and the Hindu-Muslim divide, its resolution lacks the nuance and depth required for a more impactful conclusion. The film’s political undertones deserve praise, yet the execution feels somewhat contrived, missing an opportunity for a more nuanced exploration of the underlying issues.

Vishnu Rangasamy’s cinematography deserves commendation for maintaining the film’s coherence despite its pacing issues. His dignified approach adds visual depth to the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Meanwhile, AR Rahman’s music, though effective as individual tracks, fails to serve as a cohesive narrative device, lacking the integration needed to elevate the storytelling.

While Rajinikanth’s magnetic presence undoubtedly elevates “Lal Salaam,” the burden of carrying the narrative should not rest solely on his shoulders. The ensemble cast, particularly Vishnu Vishal, delivers uniformly strong performances, contributing to the film’s appeal.

In conclusion, “Lal Salaam” offers glimpses of brilliance but falls short of realizing its full potential. Despite its shortcomings, the film remains an engaging exploration of complex themes, buoyed by standout performances and moments of emotional resonance.

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