Gabru Gang Movie Review: Heartfelt Sports Drama Grounded, Fails to Soar

gabru gang

“Gabru Gang” narrates the tale of Rajbeer and his companions as they chase their dreams amidst the backdrop of kite flying. The storyline kicks off with a flashback to 1999, where a youthful Rajbeer and his friends taste victory in a kite competition, showcasing their skill in the sport. However, a setback in 2011 fractures their unity, leaving Rajbeer disheartened. Current events rekindle their fervor, paving the way for a renewed pursuit of their aspirations.

Crafted and helmed by Sameer Khan, the film boasts an intriguing premise centered on the theme of ambition. While the plot may tread a predictable path and adhere to formulaic elements, it effectively engages audiences with its depiction of kite-flying culture and the enduring bonds among the characters. The initial half captivates viewers, although the pacing decelerates in the latter half before ramping up towards the climactic competition, offering thrilling moments.

Abhishek Duhan’s portrayal of Rajbeer adeptly showcases the character’s resilience and enthusiasm. Srishty Rode, making her debut, delivers commendable support in her constrained role as Rajbeer’s friend-turned-girlfriend, Ginni. The ensemble cast, including Abhilash Kumar, Avtar Gill, Brajesh Tiwari, and Kanwalpreet Singh, deliver noteworthy performances, enriching the narrative.

Amar Mohile’s background score complements the film aptly, although the soundtrack, aside from Daler Mehendi’s spirited title track, fails to leave a lasting impact and contributes to the film’s runtime.

In summary, “Gabru Gang” may not break new ground in the sports drama genre or offer revolutionary motivational storytelling, but it merits a viewing for its sincere performances and authentic emotional moments.

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