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Unforgettable Women Who Shaped Cinema

Taramani – Althea

Althea is a single mother and a free spirit who falls in love with Prabhu, a man with more traditional values. Their contrasting personalities lead to challenges in their relationship as they navigate the complexities of love and commitment.

It’s important to note that Andrea Jeremiah is the actress who portrays the character, not the character’s name itself.


In the movie, Malèna is a stunning woman living in a small, conservative Italian town during World War II. Her beauty attracts unwanted attention and malicious gossip from the townspeople, while a young boy named Renato becomes infatuated with her. The film explores themes of beauty, desire, war, and coming-of-age.

The Great Indian Kitchen – Wife

The movie “The Great Indian Kitchen” doesn’t have a heroine in the traditional sense. The film focuses on the struggles of a young woman navigating societal expectations and patriarchal norms within a marriage.The lead female character, simply referred to as “Wife” in the credits and played by Nimisha Sajayan, represents the experiences of countless women facing similar challenges. Her journey becomes the central focus of the movie, highlighting the complexities of gender roles and the fight for agency within the domestic space.Therefore, instead of a singular heroine, the film presents a broader narrative capturing the experiences of women facing similar societal pressures.

Kaathal the core – Omana Philip Mathew

The “heroine” of the 2023 Malayalam film “Kaathal – The Core” is Omana Philip Mathew, played by actress Jyothika.

Omana is the wife of the protagonist, Mathew Devassy (played by Mammootty). The film explores their relationship as they navigate the challenges of life in their golden years, including societal expectations, family dynamics, and personal growth.

While the film features both Mammootty and Jyothika in prominent roles, Jyothika’s character, Omana, plays a crucial role in driving the narrative and exploring themes related to female experiences and perspectives.

Phoolan DeviBandit Queen

The heroine of the movie “Bandit Queen” is Phoolan Devi, played by actress Seema Biswas.

Phoolan Devi was a real-life figure, an Indian bandit who rose to notoriety in the 1980s. The film depicts her life story, showcasing her struggles against societal injustices like caste discrimination and sexual violence. It is important to remember that the film’s portrayal of her life has been criticized for its graphic content and potential glorification of violence.

Thappad – Amu

The lead actress in the movie “Thappad” is Taapsee Pannu. She plays the character of Amrita “Amu” Sabharwal, a woman who grapples with the aftermath of being slapped by her husband. The film explores themes of domestic violence, self-worth, and societal expectations.

Saani Kaayidham – Ponni

The heroine of the Tamil action-crime film “Saani Kaayidham” (2022) is Ponni, played by actress Keerthy Suresh.

Ponni is a strong-willed and determined woman who finds herself embroiled in a dangerous situation. Throughout the film, she showcases her resilience and resourcefulness as she fights for what she believes in.

Aaranya Kaandam – Subbu

The movie “Aaranya Kaandam” (2010) doesn’t feature a traditional “heroine” in the typical sense.

It’s an ensemble cast film focusing on the lives of six main characters, none of whom are portrayed as conventional heroes or heroines. The narrative explores the complex lives and choices of individuals entangled in the Mumbai underworld.

While there are female characters in the film, including Subbu played by Yasmin Ponnappa, they are not presented as the central heroes driving the plot. The focus is on the broader exploration of the characters and their interconnected stories within the gangster milieu.

36 Vayadhinile – Vasanthi

The heroine of the 2015 Tamil film “36 Vayadhinile” is Jyothika. She plays the character of Vasanthi Tamizhselvan (Vasanthi Ram Prasad in the Telugu version). This marked Jyothika’s comeback to films after an eight-year hiatus.


The film “Farha” (2021) doesn’t have a heroine in the traditional sense. It focuses on the story of Farha, a young Palestinian girl, and her experiences during the 1948 Nakba. The narrative revolves around Farha’s resilience and determination in the face of war and displacement, rather than a romantic storyline.

The film features a strong female cast, including actors like Tala Gammoh and Sameera Asir, who portray characters who support and guide Farha. However, the story prioritizes Farha’s personal journey and development over a romantic relationship.

Biriyaani: Flavours of Flesh – Khadeeja

Struggles against societal constraints and discrimination: Khadeeja faces various challenges due to her identity as a Muslim woman in a conservative society.
Forced into difficult situations: Circumstances, including her brother’s alleged involvement with a terrorist group, lead to her ostracization and exploitation.
Displays resilience and determination: Despite facing immense hardships, Khadeeja demonstrates remarkable strength and determination throughout the film.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

Usha Parmar (played by Ratna Pathak Shah): A 55-year-old housewife who secretly reads erotic fiction and seeks emotional fulfillment through phone conversations with a swimming instructor.
Shireen Aslam (played by Konkona Sen Sharma): A young beautician trapped in a controlling marriage, yearning for artistic expression and personal freedom.
Rehana Abidi (played by Plabita Borthakur): A college student who leads a double life, stitching burqas for her family’s shop while secretly wearing modern clothes and makeup.
Leela (played by Aahana Kumra): A small-town beautician with big dreams, yearning for love and a life beyond societal pressures.
Each woman embodies a unique aspect of female rebellion against societal constraints, making them all heroines in their own right.


The heroine of the movie “Darlings” is Badrunissa “Badru” Ansari, played by actress Alia Bhatt.

Badru is a young woman who starts out as an optimist, hoping to build a happy life with her husband. However, her life takes a dark turn when her husband becomes abusive and alcoholic.

Facing abuse and tragedy, Badru embarks on a journey of seeking justice and reclaiming her life. The film explores themes of resilience, female empowerment, and breaking free from oppressive circumstances.

English VinglishShashi Godbole

The heroine of the 2012 Hindi film “English Vinglish” is Shashi Godbole, played by actress Sridevi.

Shashi is a small entrepreneur and homemaker who faces constant teasing and mockery from her family, particularly her daughter, for not knowing English. Despite the challenges, Shashi secretly enrolls in an English-speaking course to gain confidence and self-respect. Through her journey, she not only learns the language but also rediscovers her own voice and reclaims her value as a wife and mother.

Gangubai KathiawadiGangubai

The heroine of the 2022 film “Gangubai Kathiawadi” is Gangubai, played by actress Alia Bhatt.

A young woman who is deceived and sold into prostitution. However, she refuses to submit to her circumstances and fights her way to become a powerful figure in the Kamathipura red-light district, using her influence to advocate for sex workers’ rights and fight against injustice.

It’s important to remember that the film is a fictionalized account inspired by a real person, and the portrayal of Gangubai is not a complete historical record.


Aruvi is an innocent and kind-hearted girl who faces societal pressures and personal struggles. The film follows her journey as she overcomes challenges, including rejection from her family and navigating a harsh world on her own.

Aditi Balan’s performance as Aruvi was critically acclaimed, and she received several awards for her portrayal, including the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut (South).

Oor Iravu -Sumathi

The Oor Iravu segment of the Paava Kadhaigal movie is directed by Vetrimaaran and stars Sai Pallavi as the protagonist, Sumathi. The story follows Sumathi, a pregnant woman who returns to her village after being estranged from her family for marrying Hari, a man from a lower caste.

Despite her father’s initial animosity towards Hari, he invites the couple to their village for Sumathi’s baby shower. However, on the night before the ceremony, Sumathi falls ill after drinking poisoned water. It is revealed that her father, Janakiraman, is responsible for the poisoning, as he believes that Sumathi’s marriage has brought shame to the family.

Sumathi pleads for her life and that of her unborn child, but Janakiraman remains unmoved. He locks her up and chastises her for marrying out of their caste, stating that only her death can restore their family’s honor. Sumathi eventually succumbs to the poison, leaving Hari devastated.

The story explores themes of casteism, honor, and the tragic consequences of prejudice. Sai Pallavi’s performance as Sumathi is particularly noteworthy, as she brings depth and nuance to a complex and emotionally challenging role.

Here are some additional details about the character of Sumathi:

  • She is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
  • She is deeply in love with Hari and is willing to fight for their relationship.
  • She is a victim of casteism and prejudice, which ultimately leads to her tragic demise.

Sumathi’s story is a powerful reminder of the need to fight against casteism and other forms of discrimination. It is also a testament to the strength and resilience of women who are forced to overcome adversity.

Natchathiram Nagargiradhu – Rene

Natchathiram Nagargiradhu,” the female lead is named Rene, played by actress Dushara Vijayan. Rene’s character challenges societal norms and explores themes of self-discovery and love beyond boundaries. She plays a pivotal role in the film alongside the male protagonists.

Iraivi – Malarvizhi

In the movie “Iraivi,” Malarvizhi (played by Pooja Devariya) is a strong-willed widow who maintains a pragmatic relationship with Michael, her friend with benefits, despite his romantic feelings for her.

Madhivadhani – Aramm

A determined district collector races against time to save a young girl trapped in a borewell, highlighting systemic failures and the power of individual will.

Peranbu – Meera

Meera’s Role: Played by Anjali Ameer, Meera is the first wife of the protagonist, Amudhavan. She doesn’t appear in the present timeline of the film but is mentioned in flashbacks and plays a crucial role in shaping Amudhavan’s character and his relationship with his daughter, Pappa.

Focus of the Film: “Peranbu” primarily focuses on the bond between Amudhavan, a single father, and his daughter Pappa, who has cerebral palsy. Meera’s story and absence serve as emotional catalysts in their journey.

Therefore, while Meera plays a significant role in the film’s narrative, the focus of the story and the “heroine” title wouldn’t traditionally be attributed to her character.

Paruthiveeran -Muththazhagu

Muththazhagu is a young woman who falls in love with the film’s protagonist, Paruthiveeran. Their love story faces societal and familial obstacles due to their different social backgrounds. Despite the challenges, they elope and face the harsh realities of life together.

Priyamani’s portrayal of Muththazhagu earned her critical acclaim, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actress (Tamil) in 2008.

Uyare – Pallavi Raveendran,

The heroine of the Malayalam movie “Uyare” is Pallavi Raveendran, played by actress Parvathy Thiruvothu.

Pallavi is an ambitious young woman with dreams of becoming a pilot. However, her life takes a drastic turn when she becomes the victim of an acid attack perpetrated by her obsessive ex-boyfriend. Despite facing immense physical and emotional challenges, Pallavi embarks on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, seeking justice and pursuing her dreams.

22 Female Kottayam – Tessa K. Abraham

Tessa is a young nurse who faces betrayal, assault, and wrongful imprisonment. After being released, she embarks on a path of revenge against those who wronged her, making the film a captivating story of resilience and retribution.

Take Off – Sameera

Sia is a young woman from Kerala who aspires to be a professional dancer. She faces societal pressure to conform to traditional gender roles, but remains determined to pursue her passion for dance and break free from these expectations.

Throughout the film, Sia undergoes rigorous training and overcomes personal challenges to achieve her dreams. She inspires others with her dedication and resilience.

June – June Sara Joy

The heroine of the 2019 Malayalam film “June” is June Sara Joy, played by actress Rajisha Vijayan.

June is a relatable young woman who experiences the typical joys and struggles of adolescence and young adulthood. The film follows her journey as she navigates friendships, crushes, heartbreaks, and self-discovery on her path to becoming a mature and confident woman.

It’s worth noting that while June faces challenges and personal growth throughout the film, she wouldn’t be categorized as a traditional “heroine” saving the day in a typical heroic sense. The film is more focused on her personal journey and self-discovery.


The heroine of the 2022 Tamil film “Gargi” is Gargi, played by actress Sai Pallavi.

Gargi is not your typical damsel in distress. She’s a determined school teacher whose life takes a drastic turn when her father is accused of a heinous crime. Fueled by a strong belief in his innocence, Gargi embarks on a relentless quest for justice.

With the help of a young and inexperienced lawyer, Gargi fights against societal prejudices and the complexities of the legal system to uncover the truth and free her father.


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