Premalu Movie Review: Naslen and Mamitha Stand Out in this Inconsistent Romantic Comedy

Girish AD stands out as a director with a unique style evident in his first two films. These movies are particularly hard to describe because their humor doesn’t translate easily when retold to someone who hasn’t seen them. However, his third film, “Premalu,” featuring Naslen and Mamitha Baiju, has a more narratable beginning, but it eventually delves into the same quirky, hard-to-describe humor. The story revolves around Sachin, a recent graduate with no clear plans for the future, who decides to move to Hyderabad with his friend Amal. His encounter with Reenu, an IT professional, sets off a series of changes in his life.

Girish AD’s films often feature introverted, self-doubting protagonists like Sachin, reminiscent of characters from his previous works. While “Thanneer Mathan” explored school love and “Super Sharanya” delved into college romances, “Premalu” shifts focus to the post-college phase. However, the film takes a bit too long to hit its comedic stride, particularly in the first half, where efforts to establish Sachin’s hopelessness drag on. The conversational humor, a trademark of Girish’s movies, eventually shines through, especially in the second half, culminating in hilarious scenes like the drunken confrontation between Sachin, Amal, and Aadhi. Yet, the film’s pacing and tone occasionally falter, especially with some overstated elements towards the end.

Nevertheless, the standout performances of Naslen and Mamitha elevate the film, showcasing their versatility as actors. Supporting cast members like Sangeeth Prathap, Akhila Bhargavan, and Shyam Mohan also deliver commendable performances, adding depth to the story. Despite its slower start, “Premalu” remains an enjoyable romantic comedy, albeit with occasional pacing issues. Fans of Girish AD’s previous works will likely still find moments to laugh and enjoy the film’s charm.

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