“Merry Christmas Movie Review: Sriram Raghavan’s Latest Thriller, Thanks to Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif, Outshines Andhadhun!”

Merry Christmas Movie

Star Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Katrina Kaif, Radhika Apte, Sanjay Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Tinnnu Anand, Ranjan Raj, Aditi Govitrikar
Director: Sriram Raghavan

Pros: Vijay Sethupathi’s standout performance, Katrina Kaif matching his brilliance, and Sriram Raghavan’s consistent delivery of engaging films.

Cons: The inevitable comparison with Andhadhun may affect expectations.

Interval: This movie keeps you hooked without a dull moment.

Watch or Not?: Make it a priority to watch this film after reading this review.

Language: Hindi

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 2 hours 24 minutes

Set on a Christmas evening in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the film unfolds with Jingle Bell playing on a flute. A man dressed as Santa drives a Bajaj Chetak on the quiet streets, while two strangers meet at a restaurant where one is stood up by her date. Albert (Vijay Sethupathi), fresh out of a seven-year jail term, witnesses this and decides to follow them.

The strangers, Albert and Maria (Katrina Kaif), become entangled in each other’s lives. However, Maria has a masterplan involving Albert and a potential murder. As the night progresses, Albert finds himself in deeper trouble, showcasing how one night can alter the course of life.

Merry Christmas Movie Review: Script Analysis

Drawing inspiration from Frédéric Dard’s ‘Bird In A Cage,’ Sriram Raghavan infuses the story with impeccable writing by himself, Arijit Biswas, Pooja Ladha Surti, and Anukriti Pandey. The film presents a unique blend of comedy within the thriller genre, coining a new term – ‘Thrilledy.’ The narrative pays homage to Shakti Samanta and smoothly transitions from romance to thriller with apt doses of drama.

The film doesn’t aim to shock like Andhadhun or delve into darkness like Badlapur; instead, it carves its own path, reminiscent of the fast-paced nature of Johnny Gaddaar. Madhu Neelakandan’s cinematography captures vintage Bombay effortlessly, creating an authentic backdrop.

Merry Christmas Movie Review: Star Performance

Vijay Sethupathi, defying conventional Bollywood norms, delivers a flawless performance. His command over Hindi is evident, making his portrayal of characters like Sandhanam (Vikram) and Albert seamless. Katrina Kaif surprises with her best performance yet, embodying Maria’s diverse emotional journey convincingly.

Sanjay Kapoor, in a special appearance, adds his natural presence, while Radhika Apte, in a supporting role, maintains her stellar performance record. Vinay Pathak and Pratima Kazmi, portraying police characters, bring their usual charm to the screen. Tinnu Anand contributes effectively in his supporting role.