Madgaon Express Review: High Jinks Ensure a Hilarious Ride

madgaon express review

Boys simply want to enjoy themselves and bask in the sun in Goa. It’s a cherished aspiration that Dhanush, also known as Dodo (Divyenndu), Pratik ‘Pinku’ Garodia (Pratik Gandhi), and Ayush Gupta (Avinash Tiwari) have nurtured since their school days. However, parents and unforeseen events intervene, scattering the trio across Mumbai, Cape Town, and New York. Over 15 years later, the plan finally materializes, yet things take an unexpected turn when mischievous Dodo hatches the trip’s scheme in Madgaon Express.

Actor Kunal Kemmu makes his debut as a writer and director with this uproarious comedy that will have you chuckling from start to finish within its 144-minute runtime. From the bumbling Dodo’s antics with a fictitious online persona to the trio’s escapades, this pure entertainer serves up gut-busting scenarios and witty one-liners.

The film’s standout moments undoubtedly lie in its clever exchanges (We have so many participants, only our lucky draw for death is pending!), delivered with flawless timing by the talented cast. Even in moments of seriousness or danger, the actors effortlessly inject humor, keeping the mood light and lively. Credit for this also goes to Kemmu’s adept writing. The film also pays homage to other classics of its genre — think Dil Chahta Hai, Go Goa Gone, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, among others — all without feeling contrived.

On the other hand, the idea of protagonists dodging mobsters isn’t exactly groundbreaking. True to its slapstick nature, Madgaon Express boasts a few larger-than-life characters, such as the gun-toting, goggle-wearing mafia fisherwomen led by Kanchan Kombdi (Chhaya Kadam). At times, the narrative loses momentum, feeling a tad stuffed with lengthy subplots or discordant situations. Dodo’s elaborate social media facade to grab his friends’ attention, along with a brawl at a fish market where he and Pinku masquerade as fisherwomen, adds to the film’s runtime.

The spotlight shines brightly on Divyenndu, showcasing the actor’s impeccable comic timing as he effortlessly embodies the incorrigible bluffer. Pratik Gandhi consistently elicits laughter, especially when his character mistakenly indulges in cocaine and transforms from a timid mama’s boy into a ‘ten-minute Rambo’. Avinash Tiwari rounds off the humorous trio with his portrayal of the most sensible of the bunch. Upendra Limaye as the mob boss, Mendonza (nicknamed humorously as Mangola, Mandakini, Mandolin, etc.), keeps viewers entertained with his antics, while Chhaya Kadam delivers a commendable performance as well.

With its sharp wit and stellar performances, Madgaon Express is a comedy that shouldn’t be missed. This wild ride guarantees plenty of laugh-out-loud moments!

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