Jai Ganesh Review: Promising Premise Fails Due to Rushed Script

The new movie “Jai Ganesh” by director Ranjith Sankar, starring Unni Mukundan, seems like a jumbled mix of too many ideas. Ranjith Sankar used to make movies about vigilante justice, but “Jai Ganesh” lacks the same clear purpose. The film feels unfinished, like a rough draft that needed more work.

The main character is Ganesh, a graphic designer who works at a media company and also happens to be an ethical hacker and a comic book fan. He uses a wheelchair after a bike accident. The story revolves around a kidnapping in Ganesh’s apartment and how he helps the police solve it.

Usually, movies have a moment or idea that sparks the whole story, but it’s hard to find that in “Jai Ganesh.” The emotional scenes meant to move the audience feel outdated and forced. When Ganesh is bothered by his disability, it comes off as artificial. The writing and casting are the main problems here.

Ganesh’s love for comics, his disability, and his hacker skills feel disjointed. The attempt to link Ganesh to his comic book character “Jai Ganesh” feels forced and doesn’t create the intended impact. The dialogue is often dull, and the hacking scenes seem more like technical jargon than real action.

Jai Ganesh Trailer

Unni Mukundan does well in the physically demanding scenes, but his portrayal of anger feels flat. Mahima Nambiar’s character doesn’t add much to the story, mainly promoting the comic book angle. Other characters, like Ravindra Vijay’s vigilante, are also underused. Srikanth K Vijayan’s role as a corrupt politician is forgettable.

Overall, “Jai Ganesh” feels rushed and lacks the polish needed to engage the audience. The final scenes, where Ganesh rushes to save a child, try hard to create sympathy but end up feeling awkward, especially with the forced motivational moments.

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