Best Malayalam Movies after 2010 

Best Malayalam Movies after 2010 

Discover the Best Malayalam Movies after 2010, a curated list of the best in storytelling, performances, and cinematic experiences!

Minnal Murali (2021)

Jaison, a young tailor, gets superpowers when lightning strikes him. But to become the hero his village needs, he has to stop a villain with evil plans.

Bangalore Days (2014)

A touching story of love, friendship, and finding oneself. With a great cast, characters you can relate to, and Anjali Menon’s storytelling, it’s a delightful movie for everyone to enjoy.

Ustaad Hotel  (2012)

A heartwarming story blending food, family, and finding oneself. Dulquer Salmaan lights up this delicious adventure. It’s a delightful movie for everyone to enjoy! After seeing this movie, I started watching the best Malayalam movies from 2010 onwards.

Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015)

Moideen, a Muslim, and Kanchanamala, a Hindu, fall in love. Despite facing many obstacles, they finally reunite after a long time, only to be victims of an unfortunate fate.

Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

An expertly crafted story delving into the depths of human complexity and family ties. Outstanding performances, genuine setting, and intense emotions make for an unforgettable movie experience.

Mumbai Police (2013)

A thrilling crime story that keeps you on the edge with suspense and surprises all the way through. Prithviraj’s powerful performance leads a masterfully told tale. A must-see for those who love gripping mysteries.

Jallikattu (2019) 

A raw, intense film that defies societal norms, delving into the chaotic pursuit of a runaway buffalo, mirroring human nature. Lijo Jose Pellissery’s cinematic masterpiece is a primal force to be reckoned with, a work of sheer genius. This was one of the best Malayalam movies after 2010, owing to its Oscar nomination.

North 24 Kaatham (2013)

A touching road trip tale of transformation. Fahadh Faasil’s journey from rigidity to self-discovery is both heartwarming and humorous. A delightful look into life’s surprises.This was the first best Malayalam movie after 2010 to become a favorite feel-good film at that time.

Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum (2017) 

An engaging mix of comedy and drama centered on a theft. Memorable performances and authentic storytelling elevate this gem. Dileesh Pothan’s authentic touch truly shines. 

Premam (2015)

A delightful coming-of-age romance that connects with audiences of all ages. Alphonse Puthren’s storytelling, combined with Nivin Pauly’s charismatic performance, weaves magic on screen. It’s a charming journey of love and growth. This movie was the one that began attracting Tamil audiences to Malayalam films.

Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016) 

A true-to-life story that rings with authenticity. FaF’s performance and Dileesh Pothan’s storytelling beautifully capture the essence of a small Kerala town. Filled with humor, heart, and a delightful sense of place, this film shines as a gem.

Angamaly Diaries (2017)

A vibrant explosion of energy on screen, embodying the spirit of a bustling town. Lijo Jose Pellissery’s dynamic storytelling and a cast of non-professional actors create a raw, authentic masterpiece. It’s an electrifying glimpse into life. We can simply call it the rise of Lijo Jose.

Drishyam (2013)

A thrilling cinematic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact. Mohanlal’s outstanding performance and meticulously woven plot create a gripping journey into suspense. A must-watch for its brilliant storytelling.

Trance (2020)

Viju, initially a motivational speaker, is recruited as the figurehead for a religious scam, a role for which he undergoes intense training. With his rising fame, he descends further into the shadows of darkness and delusion.

Joji (2021)

Joji, an engineering dropout, aspires to achieve wealth without relying on his family’s support. Yet, his plans veer off course following an unforeseen family event.

Churuli (2021)

Two undercover police officers embark on a mission to track down a wanted criminal, only to find themselves stranded in the village of Churuli.

Charlie (2015)

Tessa flees from home to escape an impending marriage, taking refuge by renting a room. There, she stumbles upon a sketchbook left by the previous tenant, unraveling an unfinished tale. Intrigued, she sets out to locate the artist behind the sketches.

Kammatipaadam (2016)

Krishnan, employed in Mumbai, rushes back to Kammattippaadam at the plea of his childhood friend, Ganga. Upon their return, they are thrust into perilous circumstances as their shady history resurfaces to threaten them.

Annayum Rasoolum (2013)

A taxi driver named Rasool and a salesgirl named Anna fall deeply in love. However, their relationship faces uncertainty when Anna’s older sister convinces Rasool to consider converting to Christianity.

Hey Jude (2018)

Jude, a brilliant mathematician with limited social skills, travels to Goa with his parents following the passing of his aunt. It is in this coastal paradise that his life takes a dramatic turn upon encountering Crystal, a brooding musician.

Love Action Drama (2019)

Dinesh, a young unmarried man, endeavors to win the heart and hand of Shobha, a prosperous businesswoman, with the assistance of his closest friend.

Bhoothakaalam (2022)

After the loss of a family member, a mother and her son encounter enigmatic occurrences that blur their perception of reality, leading them to doubt their own sanity.

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