Aaro Review: A Chore To Endure Proves Even Big Names Need The Paycheck

I decided to watch Kareem’s film, “Aaro,” primarily intrigued by its stellar cast including Joju George, Anumol, Rafeeq Ahmed, Bijibal, and Noufal Abdullah. However, as the credits rolled, I couldn’t help but realize that even these esteemed actors have bills to pay. “Aaro” seemed like a relic from the late 70s and early 80s, lost in time amidst a sea of clichés and uninspired storytelling, a casualty of last year’s cinematic flood.

Thamara, a flower vendor outside Sree Vadakkumnathan Temple, anchors the narrative. Her life in a colony populated by criminals and prostitutes takes a turn when Murukan arrives, seeking the information she possesses. What unfolds is a tired tale of revenge for a sister’s death, peppered with slapdash comedy that tests the audience’s patience.

Co-written by Kareem, the film drags its feet before offering any semblance of plot progression. The over-the-top performances only exacerbate its shortcomings, with needless subplots further diluting an already watered-down storyline. Anumol’s portrayal of Thamara suffers from mismatched dubbing and theatrical dialogue, while Joju George’s presence feels more like a marketing ploy than a meaningful contribution.

As the film stumbles towards its climax, even seasoned actors like Jayaraj Warrier fail to salvage it from mediocrity. The mistranslation of the title “Aaro” as “Who” only adds insult to injury, serving as a microcosm of the film’s larger failings. In the end, “Aaro” stands as a cautionary tale against prioritizing star power over substance.

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