7 Talk of the Town Tamil Movies: Unleashing Blockbusters that Dominate Conversations!

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Por Thozhil

A novice police officer joins forces with a seasoned detective to delve into a string of homicides, only to discover themselves hot on the heels of a merciless serial killer hell-bent on claiming more lives.


“Dada” draws inspiration from the real-life experiences of Ganesh K. Babu’s friend, portraying the transformative journey of a young man embracing the responsibilities of fatherhood as a single parent. The narrative delivers a powerful message, emphasizing the gender-neutral nature of parenthood.


A parking space becomes the focal point of tension, unraveling the relationship between two neighbors with distinct generational perspectives and worldviews.

Good Night

A boy next door, whose most significant life woe is his snoring, finds himself smitten with a girl. Experience their journey as they tackle his sleep-related challenge while navigating life together.


Following his wife’s tragic accident during a family trip to Rameswaram, Balram and his children choose to return to their hometown of Ayodhya with her remains. Despite encountering numerous challenges, they receive assistance from a compassionate man named Abdul Malik.


A man is raising his niece like his own daughter, and everything appears normal in their life until the little girl goes missing.